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Scottish Webs, based in Bathgate, West Lothian, was established in 2000 to provide commercial web hosting and realistically priced professional web site design. Our customers range include commercial and sports organisations.

We provide a professional web design facility across the UK, catering for all levels of user, whether experienced web designer, or novice. Scottish Webs can turn your Internet business concept into a bright ideas which will not only attract visitors to your site but keep them coming back.

Each web site we produce is tailor made to suit the individual company's requirements. Our graphic design and technology skills allow us to combine great looking interfaces with sound programming technology to provide our clients with professional looking successful web sites.  Sites do occasionally need an overhaul, whether to modernise their look and feel, or perhaps to solve navigational problems. We enjoy taking on well established sites and being given the opportunity to re-develop, re-design or just add a little sparkle with a touch of our own design and programming skills.


Web Hosting
All web sites need a home. While many companies opt for free hosting, or attempt this themselves we recommend you employ the services of a company able to provide the service 24/7/365. All sites hosted by us are set up on individual  virtual servers, on
our high speed web servers with the most up to date software. These are based on a major backbone of the Internet with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. The hosting infrastructure is carefully selected to ensure the fastest possible execution of web site delivery.

For those customers proficient in web creation, or wanting to learn we give full FTP access to the virtual server. In some cases shell access to allow you to develop your site to it's maximum potential. For everyone else our team of designers  ensure your site is fully operation.


Web Promotion
Promotion of a web site is a key element in achieving a successful web presence. It is not enough to simply set up a web site and hope that potential customers will find it.  All of our web sites are submitted by hand to the top search engines on the Internet allowing viewers to find the site more easily, a process which is monitored over time. All web pages are programmed to be accessed easily by search engines.


Advanced Programming
Our customers can take full advantage of our advanced hosting capability we provide if required, bespoke programming services to develop precisely the Internet products that you need to grow your e-commerce business. We have programmers available with advanced skills in programming. Perl, PHP, JavaScript, and HTML. This service can be provided on an hourly or project basis.

Connecting a database to your web page allows you to present searchable catalogues of information quickly and easily for your viewers. Information contained within the database can be updated via the web to provide your customers with up to the minute information, an ideal solution on a full ecommerce site. A large number of web pages can be produced 'dynamically' reducing long-term costs as pages can then be maintained by the web site owner and not the web site designer.


Dating Web Site
Own your own dating website and get paid for it. Ready to go, no website design experience necessary Sign up here. Absolutely no set up costs involved.



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